Don’t Just Manage Performance, Enhance It!

Current PMS methods do not capture the changing employment trends. Especially at the Front Line Executives and Managers (FLEM) level.

There is a need for a new data-driven, people-focused, and outcome-oriented People Performance Management System that improves performance, and reduces attrition & costs.

Time to replace traditional Performance Management systems?

Business Performance Vs People Performance

Traditional PMS does not capture the performance variation among the team members. Linked to outcomes, not under the control of the Front Line Executive, it leads to dissatisfaction, attrition, and HR costs.

PMS needs to be replaced with People Performance Management Solutions (PPMS)

Benefits from the New People Performance Management Solutions

Role clarity for the FLEM team right up to the sub-task level

Daily self-review with real-time data on performance indicators

Helps everyone improve their performance with right inputs

Focus on incremental performance improvement not just target achievement

Focused on the individual and his/her input needs and feedback systems for performance improvement

Peer support system to learn, and share. Cohort based incentive system aimed at improvement

Test it, before you trust it

Our Special co-creation Offer for a Pilot

  1. Free Development of People Performance Modelling – for one role
  2. Free Development of the How2 videos for key sub-tasks for one role after PPM
  3. Free subscription of unlimited employees in the same role – to the platform for six months
  4. Insights report on nominated Cohort – on a group basis to assess the performance enhancement effort in the portal

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