1. what is c.l.a.n. app?

full form is community for learning & networking, c.l.a.n. is a personalized performance improvement platform. it is a peer learning platform where top performers shoot videos on selected sub-tasks and share their best practices.

2. why should i use it?

no one knows everything but everyone knows something. some people are very good at certain things and have shared those secrets on video. you should use the c.l.a.n. app to see what top performers are doing and how are they succeeding month-after-month.

 3.what is the direct benefit i get?

learn from peers who understand job role and market challenges the best. you could try tips and tricks that may work for your market.

 4.who have made videos on the app?

the top performers in your role have been identified and they have made videos on the app long are the videos for?

the videos are any where from 1 to 4 minutes in length. can i clarify a doubt about the video i just watched?

the best way to do that is to speak to the person who shot the video. the app provides you an in-app calling feature to call the video owner directly after they have accepted your request and clarify your doubt.

7.who are leading beta’s?

the leading beta’s are the leading performers from your team. These are people who meet targets and earn high incentives. are leading beta’s chosen?

top performers in any month become beta’s

9.what are trending videos?

videos which have the highest views and likes on the app are trending videos.

10. will i still have access to c.l.a.n. app if i exit from the company?

this app and any content created for the same is strictly organization property and hence is linked to company email id. you will not have access if you exit.

11.what does the wolf on the c.l.a.n. logo signify?

wolves as a community are extremely close knit. the howling wolf on the c.l.a.n. logo signifies the call out to other wolves in the pack for support. can i mark a video to watch later?

a bookmark icon is available on every video. once you tap on it, the video gets saved in the watch later list that can be accessed from the navigation bar.

13. how can i get support for an issue on the app?

currently, email support is available on the app. for any queries, you can write to can i submit videos?

as of now, videos can be made only by top performers identified by zonal heads. this happens from the backend. we’ll be very happy to see your name in that list 🙂

15.will my organization have access to what i watch on c.l.a.n.?

yes, all actions on the website get recorded for user analytics.

16. are there mutiple videos on a single topic?

yes, there are multiple videos created by different performers, from different parts of the country.

17. can i implement the tips/tricks from the app in my market?

yes, you can implement tips and tricks as is, or make small changes, combine two different ideas and implement them in your market.

18. how much time should i spend on the app everyday?

not more than 5-10 mins everyday. you can consider this time as an investment for self-development

19. where can i set the languages i want to watch the videos in?

in the navigation bar, go to the “about me” section and click on the “languages i want to see videos in” and choose from the list of languages. multiple languages can be selected.

20.where i can watch an intro video about the app?

in the navigation bar, go to the “about me” section and click on the “intro video” and watch the short video

21. where on the app can i edit my details?

your personal information has been provided by your organization. in case something is incorrect, please write to

22. how are videos recommended for me?

videos are recommended by an algorithm based on your cumulative performance till the previous month.