Performance Management
is an Art

Performance Management
is a Science

Data-driven People Performance Management Modeling for FLEM

Data is the new oil that drives the engine of people performance management. Applying data science and logarithmic analysis, we build performance models for your FLEM. Each role along with the sub-tasks is analysed and structured. It helps to build the right team of performers, month after month.

The right performance model will help reduce HR costs, reduce attrition, increase productivity and ultimately build the right capacity in the FLEM team.

Introducing People Performance Management Solutions (PPMS)

PPM is the foundation of the new PPMS

  1. PPM believes that data tells the real story and hence tries to develop hypotheses from data and not from past experience
  2. PPM tries to correlate the mathematical and statistical relationships between key outcomes and key sub-tasks of the role
  3. PPM is the analytics of the correlation between actual output performance and the various causative factors – obvious and not obvious. PPM tries to connect the performance dots – visible and not visible

TMI Approach to PPM and Performance Enhancement

Six pillars of People Performance Modelling

Purpose: Reduce performance variation in Front Line Executives and Managers with role ownership, identify gaps and train the individual to raise performance incrementally, day-to-day in the sub-tasks of the role.

Process: Regular self-review of performance by the FLEM member on a daily basis rather than periodic review by supervisor. Real-time data-based review of the performance by FLEM.

Performance Metrics: Relative performance metrics with respect to their peers, helps the FLEM member to understand non-performance better. A balanced view of performance through a mix of output (lead indicators) and outcome (lag indicators).

Performance Review: Data visualization tools help identify the root cause of non-performance and identify opportunities for improvement through objective reviews.

Performance Improvement: People Performance Model helps build performance improvement solutions. It facilitates, peer review and learning mechanisms, with access to access to real-time, corrective solutions that are implementable and will lead directly result in improved performance outcomes.

Performance Rewards: A new performance reward system that is linked to performance improvement rather than just achieving targets. The model helps the FLEM member to foresee the expected rewards that are linked to both improved outputs and outcomes of the role.

New Performance Model – all the benefits, all the way

People Performance can be used for Performance management of all types of employees including gig workers, part-time workers, contract workers, virtual workers

PPM should be a support system for supervisors for effective performance reviews of their sub-ordinates

PPM, if found reliable, should lead to policy changes and insights in the following areas

  1. Re-looking at the hiring parameters
  2. Incentive policy review
  3. Compensation review
  4. Induction training program review
  5. “Just-in-time learning solutions” for continuous performance enhancement

PPM will ultimately lead to predictive performance analytics

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