Profit from over 200 years of experience & expertise

c.l.a.n. is the culmination of research, insight, expertise, and experience of professionals in leadership roles with a collective experience of 200+years. These experts drawn from different sectors have led organizations with large Front Line Executives and Managers teams.

c.l.a.n. is drawn from practice, digitized, and packaged to meet the performance management solutions needs of organizations with large FLEM teams.

c.l.a.n. is part of the TMI Group

Since 1991

End-to-End Front Line Executives & Managers (FLEM) Talent Management

Treasure Trove of Data

Since 1991, we have worked with clients from different sectors and geographies – BFSI, IT, Manufacturing, Retail, PSU, etc.

Every year TMI teams have over 500,000 conversations in talent management, learning & development, and training spaces. We have used this treasure trove of data to build the right performance model and c.l.a.n. App to resonate with the needs of corporates to provide a digital role mastery solution aimed at People Performance Management.

TMI Advantage

First mover advantage on role based training on JIM-JOT Model for FLEM roles

30+ years of recruitment experience of parent

20 Years of experience in learning science and learning technology with over 1 million learners

More than 400+ corporate connects of parent

T Muralidharan

Chairman, TMI Group

B Ravi Ramakrishnan

Group CEO, TMI Group

Sridhar Natarajan

Chief Delivery Officer & HR Expert

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