Role mastery to improve people performance

Reduce Employee Attrition and increase productivity

Reduce People costs through automation

People Performance Solutions

Develop the right performance Metrics

(Performance Modelling)

Discover Root Performance Gap

(Discover Engine)

Learn how to fix the root cause through

Micro learning best practices Videos

Motivate the learner to implement the learning

Through Challenges (Gaming Engine)

Track performance Improvement

Improvement Visualization

People Performance Modelling

A data-driven, people performance modeling correlating the mathematical and statistical relationships between key outcomes and key sub-tasks of the role.

Connect the visible and invisible dots to build the right people performance model. (Know More)


Daily Attendance Reporting and Tracking system to help managers monitor performance on a regular basis.

Build Key People Out Indicators (KPOI) for each role through experts from CLAN.


India’s first digital role mastery program based on the JIM-JOT model for Front Line Executives and Managers.

Define the role better, facilitate learning from peers, track and improve performance every day and learn from peers on this mobile platform.


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