A digital, peer learning, ROLE MASTERY Mobile platform

Focused on your Front Line Executives and Managers (FLEM). Improve FLEM productivity, learning, and sharing all on the go in one mobile app.

An intuitive and agile app that helps build the capacity of the individual and the team by reducing performance variation.

c.l.a.n. -a new FLEM performance Enhancement platform

Two Questions, One Answer

  • Why is there a huge variability between top & bottom performers?
  • Despite careful selection and induction, why are the right employees leaving before 90 days?

c.l.a.n. -Built on 7 core principles

Just-in-time learning and discovery-based learning are the choice of Internet generation

Ownership and discovery of self are the pre-requisites for any learning journey

Generic advisory is a liability. Contextual and custom advisory are the keys to implementation of advice

Action learning with Handholding, in real time basis, is the bridge to the knowing vs doing gap

Everyday learning is the foundation of continuous growth

Don’t re-invent wheel. It is already in the web or with an expert. Find it

Collaborate rather than compete. Try and become a customer of your potential competitor

Custom built for your organization

We understand that each organization is different. c.l.a.n. is a solution built around the needs and objectives to be met. Your inputs, the business objectives, and our expertise combine to form deliver a digital performance enhancement solution for your Front Line Executives and Managers (FLEM) team.

Benefit from over 200 years of work insights

The team behind the c.l.a.n. idea has over 200 years of work experience in leadership positions in diverse sectors. These experts have led a large team of Front Line Executives and Managers and brought rich and practical experience to the idea of c.l.a.n.

Benefit from their experience and expertise to build a more successful, high-performing, and long-standing FLEM team in your organization.

Features of c.l.a.n.

Performance Assessment Engine

Which will enable each FLEM to visualize and compare real-time performance with peers. This engine will also help in establishing the motivation to perform better.

Discovery Engine

Which Assesses each FLEM, based on his or her real time performance, his/her root  cause of low performance, and identify the top tasks that improvement of which will lead to better KPI's (Using the performance modelling technique) and then drive him/her to set of "How2" videos to learn from, on any given day. Each FLEM will be served as a customized learning path.

Video Delivery Engine

With Vernacular language options. This is a bank of How2 videos that will be delivered based on Discovery Engine

Post Video Engagement Engine

To help the learner implement the learning

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