Better Data, Better Insights

Daily Attendance and Reports Tracking Systems (c.l.a.n. DARTS) helps you garner data at an individual level on a near real-time basis.

The ideal mechanism to measure Key People Output Indicators (POIs) is used to better define each role to maximize people performance.

Analytics drives People Performance Management

c.l.a.n. DARTS is used for develop a comprehensive People Performance Model with data visualization both at an individual and enterprise level.

Key People Output Indicators (POIs) are key to Performance Modelling the key aspect of People Performance Management Solutions. Through CLAN DARTS, performance data of the individual is captured and analysed to build the best Job Descriptions for each role to ensure the right fit for the role.

c.l.a.n. DARTS Process

We have designed a well-defined process for c.l.a.n. DRAFTS to maximize data analytics to build a better Performance Model and thus the right People Performance Management Solution custom-built for your Front Line Executives and Managers team

c.l.a.n. DART output data will help in building statistical correlations between the selected output and outcome indicators

Step 1

c.l.a.n. will identify a set of popular FLEM Job roles

Step 2

Job Descriptions (JD) and Key People Output Indicators (POI) for the job role in that industry –will be determined by an expert group of role practitioners.

Step 3

c.l.a.n. DART in consultation with the employer, fine-tune these POI for each client and role.

Step 4

c.l.a.n. will create a Generic DART App where each nominated FLEM employee will mark attendance and also enter daily, output data determined by POI. If the employer has a tool for capturing daily performance data, CLAN DART will utilize the same.

Step 5

DART APP will extract OUTCOME performance indicators from employer systems.

Step 6

c.l.a.n. DART platform will create LIMITED performance tracking Reports – both individual and Boss/enterprise level

c.l.a.n. DART can be implemented in 4 weeks with minimal employer team involvement!

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