we have winners!

3 rounds, 12 teams participated from 6 colleges,

3 top teams were selected and all three winners from Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, hyderabad

 Rs.25,000, Rs.15,000 and Rs.10,000 to winning teams!

The Context

Front Line Executives and Managers (Sales, Ops and Customer Support) are backbone
of every large organization. Studies have shown that Huge Variation (more than 400%)
in performance amongst the workforce in the same role, with the same tenure.

Current enterprise learning models have FAILED to reduce this gap. Digital era has made
connectivity seamless, things are usually on our finger tips (Mobile devices). By using
videos we want to bridge the gap in understanding and executing work.

A peer-to-peer video learning platform would help the employees to continuously
learn on job and improve his performance.

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Who can participate?

College students from any stream with a creative and logical bent of mind. A team of 2-4 members can submit their application.

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What is the product?

The product is a Video Learning platform where content is suggested based on how the employee is performing on the job and his search patterns. The user will visit the app for videos made by their peers which will help them do their job better.

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What are the key success factors?

Gamify UX of the app to:
• Guide users to relevant videos
• Continuous engagement & motivation to watch videos and improve performance at work

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What to submit?

Round 1 – Approach Note for the UX Design – word doc
Round 2 – (a) Feature List (b) Conceptual Design (c) Flow of Screens – word doc
Final Presentation – All original source files – Sketch or Interface Design

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How to submit?

Round 1 - Online application
Round 2 - Response to Email sent to the team captain
Final Presentation - Hi-fidelity designs presented at the venue

Prizes to be won

All participants will also be gifted shirts, mugs and a certification for participation.

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity: Impactful; the solution is different or unique from what has already been used
  • Exploration: Flexible; use the provided screen requirements as a starting point, and propose improvements that positively impact the users’ goals.
  • Aesthetics: Hi-fidelity design; provide a top-notch finished-looking visual design.

Road Map

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